Service, repairs, and parts.

Is your garage door in need of repair? Is it that time of the year to get your garage door serviced? Do you just need a small part to fix your door?

Canadian Door Doctor does it all! From broken springs, cables off, broken hinges, operator issues, and more, Canadian Door Doctor’s team of technicians can come repair your existing garage door back to its good working condition.

Did you know it is highly recommended to service and lubricate your garage door every year? You can get a full service of your garage door done by our team anytime to keep your door running smooth.

If you need parts for your garage door, Canadian Door Doctor also supplies many different parts including hinges, rollers, torsion springs, remotes, keypads, and much more. Don’t know what you need? Bring in the part you need replaced and our lovely office staff will assist you to get your new part.

Call us with any questions or to make