The garage door is the new front door
Is it just a place to store all of your 'stuff', or a home for your classic car?  Is it a second rec-room, providing space for your kids to hang out?  Your garage door can have a significant impact on the function of your garage, by insulating if needed, by decorating your home, by lighting the garage, and by adding security.

Dramatic Entryways or Subtle Styles
At Canadian Door Doctor, we can repair your existing door and operator, provide a maintenance check if needed, we can replace your door and operator if needed, and we can help with parts for the do-it-yourselfer.

Security to protect your family and home
Designs have become important to the curb attraction of your home.  The garage door can be the main focus of your home, and as such can reflect your personal preferences.  Window options are available, decorative hardware options are available, and panel designs are evolving. 

Steel material most common, wood, fiber glass , aluminum & glass
Garage doors come in different grades of insulation or with no insulation.  The steel skins come in different gauges.  Garage doors can also come in fibreglass and wood as well, though steel is the most common and affordable option.

Warranties on our garage doors vary from lifetime to a number of years, but we can direct you to the appropriate models based on your needs.

The electric operators available today offer top safety features to protect you, your family, your pets, and your vehicles.  Again, Canadian Door Doctor has extensive parts to repair and service all brands.  Though please note, repairs and service can only be done to operators that have the photo-eye protector system.  Without this system, the operator is considered un-safe.  Please call our office to discuss this issue if you have concerns.

Garage door openers are stronger and smarter
If you would like to add an operator or replace an existing operator, we sell the Liftmaster/Chamberlain line.  With numerous choices, Liftmaster operators have something for everyone.

There are many add-on options available as well.  There are surge protectors, laser parking assist, mini remote controls, and garage door monitors to help you know if your garage door is closed!